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Top Casino Games US Online Gambling Pennsylvania Online Gambling Casino

Pennsylvania is the Top Online Casino Site

Pennsylvania is making online gaming news. The state is poised to become the 4th state to legalize online casinos. In doing so, the number of US online casino sites will most likely double or triple in number.   Only Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey currently permit online casino operations. But Pennsylvania lawmakers have little time to finalize legislation permitting online gaming before they will be forced to kick the can to 2017.

Toop Casino Games Online Casino News Best New Jersey Online Casino Revealed

Best New Jersey Online Casino Revealed

Unless you have been stuck on a deserted island for years, you cannot help but to notice the increase in online gambling. Be it news about casino expansion in the north, gambling revenue increases year to year of even the daily fantasy sports craze, it’s everywhere. With such, we are often asked “what is the Best New Jersey Online Casino Revealed?” To that we always have a reply that may not be what was expected. Quite frankly, they are all great. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Top Casino Games Online Gambling Expansion PA Debate

Online Gambling Expansion Still Being Debated in Pa

Pennsylvania legislators had released the State budget earlier this year that counted on $100 million in new tax revenue from online gambling expansion. When they left for recess in the summer, the Bill was left on the Senate floor for consideration in the fall. Now time has come for the Senate to move on the Bill but time is running out without any action thus far.

Top Casino Games Casino Expansion Referendum Troubled

Casino Expansion Referendum Troubled

Voters will be asked by referendum, when they go to the polls on November 8th, about permitting gambling outside of Atlantic City. Those betting on the outcome feel that the expansion referendum will likely not pass. As a result, proponents of the project have pulled back on the support of the expansion in recent weeks.

US Online Casinos Online Casino News Pa Gambling Law

Pennsylvania Gambling Law Unconstitutional

Pennsylvania lawmakers are scrambling as a consequence of a recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling. The ruling strikes down the current mechanism for casino local share taxation deeming the current Pa gambling law unconstitutional. This ruling will jeopardize the host community tax base and could lead to devastating budget crises for communities outside of Philadelphia.

Top Casino Games Revenue Growth AC Night


The July 2016 gaming revenue statistics are in and both internet and land based casinos posted year to year gains.  Overall, year to date numbers show a slight increase of 3.2% over last year to date figures.  Casinos edged out a slight 1.2% bump over July 2015 YTD figures while internet gaming posted a strong 32% increase.

The Atlantic City operators posted strong growth of 6.9% over the same period last year.  The July 2016 gaming revenue increase was again led by internet growth of 38.6%.

Top Casino Games US Online Gambling Golden Nugget Casino Dealer


The Golden Nugget has recently ramped up its online casino platform with the addition of new, online live dealers.  Starting Thursday, August 11th, the Golden Nugget went live with the new approach to online gaming.  The Golden Nugget dealers will be the first of their kind in the New Jersey market.

The online live dealers will provide a much more realistic feel to the online gaming environment.  Online live dealers have been popular in the international markets for years.  The addition of the real dealers…

US Online Casinos Online Casino News New Jersey Online Gambling Leads Revenue


According to the June 2016 report from the Department of Gaming Enforcement, online play is leading the NJ gaming in year to year growth for another month.  Win rose over 31% from last year and remained flat from May figures.  The internet gaming market is led by The Borgata with over $24M in win year to date.  This represents a 6.6% increase over the prior year.

Other NJ gaming online operators have seen strong growth as well.  This month, both Tropicana and Golden Nugget have seen over 10% growth from last period.  Year over year growth was 39.9% and 30.6% respectively.

Top Casino Games PA Gambling Online Tom Wolf


Residents in Pennsylvania wishing to enjoy online gambling will still need to wait.  The fate of Pa gambling online is still uncertain as it awaits approval on the Senate floor.  The House passed the Bill, HB 2150, in late June but it met opposition in the Senate.

Recently, Governor Wolfe signed the state’s $31 billion budget after refusing to do so previously.   The revenue appropriations packages have yet to be finalized.  With the legislature taking a recess until September, the future of the Pa gambling bill is still uncertain.  Although $100 million is appropriated in the budget from additional gambling revenues, gambling expansion can still be nixed.  If that happens, the programs utilizing the expected revenues will be cut.

Top Casino Games Pala Online Casino Double-Deposit


Pala is one of the fast growing online gambling sites in New Jersey.   New players are arriving everyday.  This is becasue of the Pala online casino double deposit bonus up to $500!

So if your at the beach and you finished your novel, the kids are taking care of themselves, live a little by taking advantage of the Pala online casino games.  Play any number of slots machines, table games all from the convenience of your cell phone.

US Online Casinos Online Casino News Tom Wolf Pennsylvania Online Gambling


Pennsylvania online gambling is stalled in the state Senate.  As of Sunday, Governor Wolfe has stated that he would let the budget go through without his signature.  In the absence of the Governor’s signature, the budget will go into law by default.   The appropriations package to fund the budget has yet to be hammered out.  As a result, there remains a $1.4 billion shortfall in revenues to balance this year’s budget.  Increases to tobacco taxes, and new revenues from the expansion of liquor sales in the State are included in the revenue stream.

Top Casino Games Us Online Casinos


Pa online gambling HB 2150, sponsored by Representative George Dunbar (R-56), moves forward after the Pennsylvania House of Representatives votes 115-80 in favor of the online gambling bill. The bill, if it becomes final, will allow online gambling activities such as slot machines, but was modified to exclude permitting video gaming terminals, VGTs, at bars, taverns and social clubs. The amendment also contained language that would permit daily fantasy sports under certain conditions and would make changes to current operating arrangements with existing casinos.

Top Casino Games Us Online Casinos NJ Gaming Revenue


New Jersey gaming revenues show an increase year over year with online gaming leading the charge. In May, online gaming increased by approximately $4.0 million from $12.5 million in April to $16.5 million in May. This represents a 32.6% increase over the previous period. Year to date, online gaming has increased 30.0% over the prior year to date figures, from $60.4 million to $78.4 million.

Top Casino Games Us Online Casinos MI Gaming Revenue


Michigan adds itself to the list of states moving to approve internet gaming. On Thursday, Senate Bill SB 889 and SB 890, introduced by Senator Mike Kowall (R-15), were forwarded to the senate floor for consideration by the Regulatory Reform Committee.

SB 889 and SB 890 work in tandem to legalize internet gaming activities throughout Michigan. In such, the Act would establish the Division of Internet Gaming to oversee the execution of the Internet Gaming Act. The gaming activities, conducted by no more than eight casino licensees or Michigan Indian tribes, would require licensees to operate a gaming facility within the state.

US Online Casinos Online Casino News Us Online Casinos Gaming Changes


On Thursday, a bill sponsored by Assemblyman Ralph Caputo (D-28 Essex) was released from the Assembly Tourism, Gaming and the Arts Committee. The bill, A2811, requires each casino licensee conducting online gaming in New Jersey to prominently advertise name of its Atlantic City casino on its online gaming websites and advertisements. In 2014, A3348 a similar bill, was introduced but failed to make it through the legislature.

The bills sponsor, Caputo said “Amid all the new stories and headlines, it is easy to forget that Atlantic City still has plenty to offer as far as, shopping and entertainment. We should use every opportunity available to promote the casinos still standing and remind potential customers that there is still plenty to see and do in Atlantic City.”