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Nemacolin Casino Profile

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Nemacolin Casino Profile

The Nemacolin Woodland Resort and Lady Luck Nemacolin Casino is one of Pennsylvania’s most luxurious resorts. Nestled in the Laurel highlands of Pennsylvania in Farmington, it sits 61 short miles southeast of Pittsburg.   Nemacolin Resort offers high end, luxurious surrounding combined with a Category 3 licensed Pennsylvania casino. The combination makes Nemacolin Casino stand out as one of two of these types of casinos in Pennsylvania.


Nemacolin Woodland Resort started out in the 1740’s. A trail, carved out of the woodlands by Chief Nemacolin and other frontiersmen became a well utilized connector as a direct route from the east to the west. Over time, the trail turned into a National roadway, now known as Route 40, which passes in from of the Nemacolin Resort.

In the early 1900’s, the area became a popular retreat for the Pittsburg elite. Summer homes were established as well as hunting cabins for recreational enjoyment. By the 1940’s, William Rockwell of Rockwell International fame, purchased land and continued to expand development in the area. He built a home and developed fishing areas for his family and business associates. In 1968, Rockwell had developed the property into a hunting reserve which would provide a bucolic respite from Pittsburg. A lodge was then constructed as the underpinnings for what is now Nemacolin Woodland Resort & Lady Luck Nemacolin Casino.

Over the next years, Nemacolin would change hands until, in 1987, 84 Lumber owner Joseph Hardy purchased the land at auction. From that point on, Nemacolin experienced much more development including the addition of a larger lodge, tennis courts and a renowned golf course. Now the Resort covers over 2,00 acres, with multiple award winning lodging and dining venues as well as the Lady Luck Casino. It has become one of Pennsylvania top rated resorts. Viewers of ABC’s The Bachelor may be familiar with Nemacolin as ABC used the facilities for a recent seasons taping.

Gaming Profile

The Lady Luck Casino first opened its doors in early 2007 after obtaining Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board approval. The Lady Luck casino is open 24 hours a day but access to the casino is limited due to the Category 3 license that Lady Luck Casino obtained. With such, casino access is restricted to only members of the resort, overnight guests or patrons. Members pay $45 annually for the membership privilege. Others need to spend at least $10 at the Resort in order for them to be permitted to the Nemacolin Casino floor.

top casino games nemacolin casino resort floorNemacolin Casino is one of the smaller Pennsylvania casinos. The gaming floor is one of the smallest at approximately 30,000 square feet. At the conclusion of the fiscal year 2015, Lady Luck Casino just over $380 million in revenues which ranks twelfth out of twelve casinos. With a Category 3 license, Nemacolin Casino offers the maximum number of slots with 600 on the gaming floor. The slot machine variety includes a number of fan favorites such as Temple tiger, China Shore, Game of Thrones and larger jackpot slots like Wonder Rose and Double Gold. Players can wager between $0.01 and $100 and also has a number of progressive slots available to players.

As for table games, Nemacolin Casino has 29 tables available. The games consist of the typical casino mix of blackjack, craps, mini baccarat, big six, roulette and 10 tables of poker. The poker players have the option of choosing from three and four card poker and Mississippi stud. Poker players can also play in a number of tournaments that occur during the month. Check with one of the hosts for more tournament timing information.

Lady Luck Online Casino

At the present time, Nemacolin online casino activities, be it free play or real money, are nonexistent due to licensing regulations. As Pennsylvania online casino activity increases as a result of changes in legislation, we will see if Nemacolin online casino can become a reality. The recent budget crisis in Pennsylvania is pushing lawmakers to evaluate new revenue streams. Pennsylvania online casino revenue may be the cure to the budget crisis as lawmakers are forced to make cuts to balance the budget.


As was mentioned earlier in the profile, Nemacolin Resort is one of the finest in Pennsylvania. At Nemacolin, visitors have the option of dining at Lautrec a Forbes Five Star, AAA Five Diamond award winning restaurant. You could also stay at Falling Rock which is Nemacolin’s AAA Five Diamond award winning hotel. But that’s not all. There is plenty of selection to choose from regardless of your dining preference. Players can dine at Aqueous which offers another fine option. Autumn provides a more organic approach with fresh to table offerings. If you are looking for a more casual or quick meal, several options are available throughout the resort. Caddy Shack, Elements, The Tavern and Sunset Terrace are just a few great dining options for one to choose from.

In addition to the wonderful dining options, Nemacolin Resort also offers a handful of bars to quench a player’s thirst. Options are available throughout the facility at the pool, Nemacolin casino or in the resort itself. Additionally, if one is looking for a quiet, relaxing event, Nemacolin also has a wine tasting room, Academie Du Vin that you can enjoy during your stay.

Overnight Accommodations

Nemacolin has over 320 rooms available plus private homes and townhouses for those choosing to extend a stay. All accommodations are very luxurious and cater to those looking for a special time. The Falling Rock is an award winning option that one should try to visit.


To summarize, Nemacolin Casino and Resort is a great destination to get away from the everyday grind and enjoy yourself with a bit of pampering a five-star resort. As an added benefit, you can blow off some steam at the Lady Luck casino unlike anywhere else in Pennsylvania.

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