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Committee Releases Online Gaming Bill

Committee Releases Online Gaming Bill

By on Jun 7, 2016

Casinos must prominently display names on online gaming sites.

On Thursday, a bill sponsored by Assemblyman Ralph Caputo (D-28 Essex) was released from the Assembly Tourism, Gaming and the Arts Committee. The bill, A2811, requires each casino licensee conducting online gaming in New Jersey to prominently advertise the name of its Atlantic City casino on its online gaming websites and advertisements. In 2014, A3348 a similar bill, was introduced but failed to make it through the legislature.

The bills sponsor, Caputo said “Amid all the new stories and headlines, it is easy to forget that Atlantic City still has plenty to offer as far asmohegansuncasino ad facebook purple 720x720, shopping and entertainment. We should use every opportunity available to promote the casinos still standing.  In addition, also remind potential customers that there is still plenty to see and do in Atlantic City.”

Caputo, who Chairs the committee is concerned that online gaming has had a negative effect on Atlantic City despite the increase in revenues from online activities. Caputo hopes to encourage, by means of this bill, more tourism to the Atlantic City casinos rather than online activities.

Expansion Hopes in the North

The Assemblyman made headlines with another recent proposal.  The proposal opens the November ballot allowing voters to decide on the addition of two casinos outside of Atlantic City. In such, this would pave the way for proposed projects in Jersey City and The Meadowlands. Both projects, planned in the North, are expected to bring about a significant number of new jobs.   This is in addition to a substantial investment in the area. The project planners are hoping to capture players from the New York Metropolitan area. Bills aimed at redirecting tax revenues to subsidize Atlantic City are proposed.  These bills intend to offset any Atlantic City losses as a consequence of the new competitive environment in the North.

Opinions are mixed on the expansion of gambling activities in the State. Atlantic City operators are warning that if this referendum is successful, it could mean the demise of a number of casinos in Atlantic City. Governor Christie is concerned as these casinos are already on public life support and any new competition is counter intuitive. Supporters argue that the sun has already set on Atlantic City.  As a result, New Jersey should capture the NY traffic before the possibility to do so is gone.

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