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We strive to assist players better understand the casino so as to encourage informed and responsible play. To that end, we have complied a list of resources, information and terminology that can be used to acquire a general understanding of the online casino world. Although we are constantly adding content and expanding on player reference material, it is nearly impossible to cover each item to the fullest. Consequently, the resources provided below should only be used to assist players and not for decision making purposes. We encourage players to review the specific and pertinent information at the point of play for definitive terms and conditions. This guarantees players are fully knowledgeable before voluntarily participating in any of the gaming activities.


Setup and Account Establishment



The process by which a player provides specific personally identifiable information that is used to establish an account with the casino. This would include, at a minimum, the players name, address, banking information and social security number.


A register of activity associated with a player. This includes any deposit and withdrawal activity, the status of promotional offers and other player associated information.

Terms and Conditions

The legal language that is set forth by the casino that delineates the responsibilities of both parties and of the player’s participation at all times during the engagement.


A browser is the software application that permits a user to search and navigate the internet. In the case of an online casino, it allows the player to search and interact with the website resources of the casino ultimately permitting gaming activities, if so inclined. There are a number of browsers available. Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox Mozilla are just a few, highly compatible browsers.

Mobile Applications

Software developed to permit gaming on mobile device such as a phone, iPad or tablet. Two operating systems are in use for mobile devices, Apple IOS and Android.

Geolocation Software

Software that is installed on your device or as an add-in to your browser that evidences your location at the time of play. Regulations may require your presence in a specific area in order to play legally. The software will electronically locate your device IP address. If the parameters are met for play, the Geolocation software will permit such or deny accordingly.

IP Address

Internet Protocol address is the internal and external facing numerical address that is assigned to any network connected device to identify the device.

Privacy Policy

These are the parameters by which an organization diligently ensures that your private information remains confidential.  Click here to see our privacy policy.


Cookies are accumulated pieces of data, normally placed by visiting a website or other computer site, that contain information which is usable by the user or the web client. A data file, placed by a website, that holds password information for the user to gain access to the specific website would be an example of a cookie.

Social Media

Computer applications that permit individuals to communicate and share information and resources across multiple platforms. Examples of such that are used by the casino operators for promotional purposes are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Banking Resources



The process of managing player resources or funds at the casino. This includes depositing and withdrawing of funds.


An amount of money that is provided to the casino on account for the player for future play. Deposits may be subject to a minimum amount, can be made by the player or by the casino and can be accomplished by various “deposit methods”.


The process of removing monies from your account. Withdrawals may be subject to limitations based on participation in specific offers such as first time deposit bonuses and the like.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

As a banking resource, the clearing house processes bank to bank transactions. In the case of a player account, the ACH would be a mechanism to move monies into or potentially out of a player account via the clearing process between the banking institutions.

Online Banking (eChecks)

Online banking is an electronic methodology for depositing funds or paying bills. Similar to an ACH transaction, banks can process electronic transactions, sometimes referred to as eChecks, to move funds from a player to the casino. If an electronic connection has not been established or is not possible, the banking institution will transfer the resources by means of another mechanism, most likely a paper check. Online banking cannot be vehicle to withdraw funds from the player account back into the player banking account.

Teller Cage

The teller cage is a banking resource whereby the casino provides the physical teller located within a specific casino to handle in person banking transactions with the players.


A banking resource used to transfer money via online transactions. Money is deposited by the individual into their NETELLER account. Deposits can be made in a number of ways including credit card transactions. Once deposited, the individual can use the NETELLER account for payments.


A banking resource used to both send and receive monies. PayPal can be used to make deposits after aa player has established a PayPal account and made the deposit. The account can also be used to accept funds withdrawals from the player casino account.


A banking resource used to transfer money via online transactions. Once monies are deposited into the Skrill account, payments and deposits can be made via online transactions.


PayNearMe is a resource developed by third parties to pay bills or make online transfers of money for persons that do not or may not have typical banking relationships. Persons can go to specific retail stores such as 7 Eleven or Family Dollar and make payments.


Promotional Resources



A marketing effort made by the casino that is intended to incentivize play. The promotion is typically tied to “terms and conditions” that set the parameters for the promotion. These typically help level the playing field for the casino by preventing players from utilizing a promotional offer without the ability for the casino to earn a return on the ‘investment”. Promotions can be offered in many forms such as, but not limited to, deposit bonuses, comps, free play, free money and more.

Promotion Period

The amount of time a promotion will be in effect. The period is typically the time between the commencement and expiration dates of the promotion.


These are complimentary items provided by the gaming operator such as drinks, hotel rooms and the like that encourage play.

First Time Deposit

A deposit made with the casino for a newly registered player. The first time deposits are typically a set minimum and are the basis for many promotional offers such as bonuses or free money.  Click here to see current first time deposit bonus offers.

Referral Bonus

A payment made to the player for qualifying referrals to the casino. In most cases, the referred player must establish an account, make a deposit and meet certain wager requirements.

No Deposit Bonus

A bonus that is made to the player by the casino without requiring a deposit by the player. At times referred to as “Free Cash”.

Cashback Bonus

A cash bonus, typically made to the players account, that is directly tied to actions by the player. For example, if you play blackjack on Tuesday evening, you will earn a cashback bonus of 1% of the total wagered from 11 PM – 2 AM.

Free Play

A promotional activity by the casino that affords the player the opportunity to engage in play without the need to make a wager. Free play can be offered as a means to test the game by the player without resources on account or can be offered as a bonus to the player pursuant to an activity. See the terms and conditions for specific details of free play.

Reward Program

A program whereby the casino compensates loyal and frequent players. Players accumulate “points” that provide a means to quantify the wagers or play of a specific player. The points accumulate, based on each programs terms, until enrollees can redeem the accumulated points for a reward. Rewards are typically items such as cash, bonuses, hotels rooms or other offers. Check the terms for each reward program to determine how points are earned and accumulate.





A sum of money that the player will lay on or bet on a particular event. These are the amounts of monies that a player must bet in order to participate in any bonus or promotional offer. The wager requirement is stated as a multiple of the wager. For example, if the wager requirement is 20X, the player would need to wager $20 to enjoy $1 of the bonus.   Wager requirements are often referred to as Playthrough Requirements.

Net Loss

The net sum of the monies won on the gambling activity less the monies wagered on the events.

Community Pot

A pot by which more than one player has the opportunity to win. The community pot is usually divided amongst the winners equally.

Real Money

Defined as normal gambling activities where funds are wagered with the ability to gain or lose funds in the process.

Free Spins

The ability to participate in a gaming activity without any wager requirement.

Demo Play

A normal playing experience that is provided to players without the need for a wager. That said, no winnings can be realized from the gaming experience.

Test Credits

Credits or funds provided by the gaming operator that would allow a player to participate in a gaming experience without cost. Typically provided to give players a test run at a game.


The costs associated with a specific activity. An example of a fee are the costs associated with making a deposit into a player account via a credit card transaction. The credit card and potentially the casino, may charge a certain percentage of the amounts, the “fees”, transferred to cover their transaction costs.


The “fee” or compensation provided to the casino operator or house, for hosting the game expressed as a percentage of the pot. The rake may be capped at a maximum amount.

Responsible Gaming

A culture, embraced by gaming operators and vendors, that ensures that the gaming opportunities and resources for players remain equal, fair, safe, enjoyable and without any adverse actions such as criminal activity, underage gambling, fraud or theft of privacy.

Loss Limits

A loss limit is the amount of money that a player determines is the maximum threshold before gambling activities must cease.

Table Games

A table game is typically a casino game, played on a table that is controlled by a dealer. Table games typically consist of poker, baccarat, roulette, craps or blackjack. A video poker or slot machine would not be considered a table game.


A system that automatically triggers the next play event once the previous event has concluded. In a slot application, autoplay will continue to execute the “play” function for the player at the conclusion of each spin, until such time as the player terminates the autoplay mode or available resources have been exhausted.

Payout Percentage or Payout Rate

The statistical average number of payouts over a fixed number of normal plays. If the payout rate is 94%, one would expect a slot machine to payout 94 times out of 100 plays.


This is a competition amongst poker players whereby players compete across one or many tables. The winner is determined by who has won all the available pot or chips. All other competitors are ranked according to how far they progressed through the tournament.

Sit and Go

A type of tournament that is ad hoc. There is no set time for the event to take place, rather, as soon as the requisite number of players arrive, play starts. Also, unlike a typical tournament that lasts several hours, sit & go’s last less than one hour. Once the game is completed, the tournament ends.

Cash Games

A game that takes place outside of a tournament.


A numerical placement or standing of a player within a group of players.


A ranking of each player’s current position within the tournament.

Exclusion List

The exclusion list can be a voluntary or involuntary exclusion from entering or gaming at a gambling facility.

Self Exclusion

Voluntarily excluding oneself from any gambling activities by means of communicating the same to the appropriate party thereby denying any future gambling activity.

Gambling Problem

The uncontrollable tendency to gamble despite negative consequences and the inability to stop expending resources.


Gaming Options


Online Slots

A highly advanced computer adaptation of the classic, three reel one armed bandits. Online slots are the most popular casino games accounting for over seventy-five percent of revenues. With five reels and graphical representations in place of the symbols on the reels, players now can play multiple lines for a greater experience. The objective is to match sequences of symbols or graphical representations in order to evoke a payout.

Jackpot Slots

Sometimes called progressive slots, these are slot machines whereby the winning potential progresses or increases incrementally, until such time as the pot is won by a player. This allows for larger pot sizes.

Black Jack

Blackjack is the most popular table game for casinos. The player competes against the dealer with the objective to reach twenty-one before the dealer without going over twenty-one. This can be done in a number of ways. Players are dealt two cards. When these two cards total twenty-one, the player has “blackjack” and wins. If not, the player can choose to add more cards in hopes of reaching twenty-one or as close as possible. They again win if the player reaches twenty-one, . If the player didn’t go over, a “bust”, and is finished taking more cards, they then allow the dealer the opportunity to get to twenty-one. The player loses if the dealer gets twenty-one or gets closer to twenty-one than the player. If the dealer goes over, the player wins.


Roulette, French for “little wheel”, is one of the oldest and easiest casino games to play. Players place bets on which number or color will win. Players can select either black or red and any number up to thirty-eight. Multiple numbers can be played at one time by the same player. The dealer spins the roulette wheel in one direction and then sets the ball in motion on the outer rim of the wheel in the other direction. As the momentum of the ball and wheel slows, the ball eventually falls down into one of the numbered slots. With that the dealer will make the determination on the color and number that won.


Baccarat has been seen as the “high roller” game in most casinos. It is a table game whereby the player plays against the dealer. As the cards are dealt, the goal is to get to 8 or 9 before the dealer. Cards values are based on the number on the face, aces are equal to 1, 10 or a face card are equal to 0 and jokers aren’t used in play. The dealer will deal the player 2 cards and the value is totaled. The right digit of the total is used to calculate the card value. If the total is an 8 or 9, that individual, player or banker wins. Based on the value, the deal may deal again. The highest value after the 3rd card wins.


Keno is similar in nature to a lottery game such as Powerball. Players choose up to 20 numbers between 1 and 80. The game will then randomly draw 20 balls from the 80. Players are paid based on the numbers that they matched to the drawn numbers.


A table game whereby players bet on the outcome of the roll(s) of the dice.

Video Poker

A computer version of the 5 card draw variation of traditional poker. Players make their bets and then play the respective hand they draw. Using the functions of the poker machine, the player can make changes to the hand. Play can be quick and entertaining for the players.


Poker is a multi-player card game with a number of varieties such as Texas Hold ‘Em, Stud, Draw and Omaha. Players are dealt cards and make subsequent bets as a result of their determination of the strength of the hand. A number of iterations occur until the players reveal their cards. The player with the strongest hand wins the pot.