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Sugarhouse Casino Profile

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Sugarhouse Casino Profile

The Sugarhouse Casino is Philadelphia’s casino.  Located on Delaware Ave in the Fishtown district, it was one of the first five stand-alone casinos permitted to operate in the state of Pennsylvania.  Two other casinos are located in the Philadelphia metropolitan area but the Sugarhouse is the only casino located in the city. The Sugarhouse provides beautiful views of the Delaware River while providing guests ample gaming opportunities, excellent dinging options and live entertainment regularly.  The Sugarhouse Casino is a must see for all those visiting the Center City Philadelphia area.


The Sugarhouse Casino is located on a vary storied piece of ground in Philadelphia’s Fishtown district.  As a result, it met much opposition when first announced.  Many in the surrounding area united, along with the Mayor and other local politicians, to oppose construction.  Because part of the project required federal approval from the Army Corps of Engineers, the project was required to perform an archaeological dig.

The dig highlighted much of the past of the 22-acre site.  As far back as the 1500’s, the site was the convergence of three major American Indian trails.  During the archeological dig, Native American artifacts were discovered just 4 inches from the surface.  Over 200 of the artifacts were recovered.  During the 18th century, the site was repurposed to that of a meeting place, Bachelor’s Hall.  The meeting place was formed by a learned society of friends of Benjamin Franklin.

Famous Philadelphia Shipyard Site

The site also housed remnants of the famed Philadelphia Shipyards.  During the 17th and 18th centuries, Philadelphia became renowned for their shipbuilding abilities.  With an abundance of skilled immigrant labor coupled with an abundance of cheap resources, Philadelphia was able to overtake Britain as the leader in shipbuilding.  The Delaware River provided a perfect waterway to facilitate the industrial efforts.  But the river was also strategically significant to war efforts.  Consequently, when the British occupied Philadelphia, the Sugarhouse Casino grounds became the site of a British Revolutionary War Fort.  Here General John Graves Simcoe centralized for the Brandywine Battle.  Simcoe was brought down from Canada, now the Ontario region, to battle against Washington in the Revolutionary War.

After the war, the site had several purposes.  Much of the site still served the troubling shipbuilding industry while other portions of the site were used for whale processing, for foundry purposes and for refining sugar.  The Jack Frost Top Casino Games Sugarhouse Casino refineryrefinery was born and employed technology that was one of kind in the country.  It utilized proprietary techniques to process sugar that no other could match.  During the late 1800’s the refinery employed roughly 40 people.  As time grew on, the refinery grew, especially during the World War II era.  During that period, the refinery employed over 1,500 people, both men and women.  Sugarhouse’s racial integrated workforce was one of the first in the country.

Tough Times For Sugar Refineries

The 1900’s proved to be trying times for Jack Frost.  The efficiencies of the sugar refiners had become so good that supply soon outpaced demand.  This resulted in shutdowns and pricing pressures.  To combat this, a giant Sugar Trust was created.  At the time, Jack Frost resisted the trust.  Over time, Jack Frost became encumbered with lawsuits and falling prices.  In 1984 it finally closed.  At the time only 600 men and women remained.  Everyone lost their jobs.  The site remained idle for years until the Sugarhouse Casino concept came to fruition.

Gaming Profile

The Sugarhouse Casino is Pennsylvania’s 9th largest casino in the state according to 2015 fiscal year figures.  It opened in September, 2010.  The casino is open 24 hours a day.  The casino has just over 45K square feet of gaming space.  It provides players with over 1,600 slots opportunities on the gaming floor.  Players will be able to play highly rated slots such as Willie Wonka, Fireball, sex and the City, Wheel of Fortune and Inca Fortune.  Many other slot games are also available with jackpot slots incorporated into the mix.  You won’t be at a loss for variety.

In addition to slots, the Sugarhouse also has over 62 table games for players to choose from.  As you would expect, the casino has the following games and many more:

3 and 4 card pokerSpanish 21Pai Gow Poker and Tiles
Mini baccaratMississippi StudTexas Hold ‘Em

In addition to a wide variety of games, The Sugarhouse Casino gives players an array of wagering options.

Sugarhouse also has 28 dedicated poker tables.  The casino makes every effort to make your stay very enjoyable.  They provide free valet parking, free self-parking and complementary beverages for all active players.  If you are interested in getting a bite to eat, there is no need to leave the table and interrupt your game.  Players can text to order food right from the poker tables.

Sugarhouse Online Casino

The Sugarhouse Online Casino has a full online assortment of casino games at the ready for free play.  Choose from one of the 60 slot machine games available and play for free.  If you are interested in video poker, the Sugarhouse Online Casino offers 8 different varieties of poker to choose from.  Deuces Wild, Jokers Wild are in the mix.  The Sugarhouse Online Casino also offers players the ability to play Megaball as well.


The Sugarhouse Casino is home to eight different dinging options.  Be it fine dining, casual dining or just a place to grab a bite to eat, Sugarhouse has it all.  For fine dining, players should check out Hugo’s Frog Bar and Chop House.  The chophouse is a well-known, best in class steakhouse located conveniently in the casino.  In the mood for a famous Philly cheesesteak?  Go to Geno’s Cheesesteaks and see if you think it is better than Pat’s.  For casual dining, there are an assortment of places to visit such as Tacconelli Pizza, Revolution Grill, Lucky Red, The Refinery casual and Asian Fare.  Certainly a wide variety of choices to satisfy any palate.

Overnight Accommodations

At the present time, the Sugarhouse Casino is undertaking an expansion.  As part of the expansion, they are building out a number of suites and rooms for players that wish to stay overnight.  This expansion is expected to be complete soon.  In the interim, the casino has a number of partner hotels in the Philadelphia region that provide excellent accommodations throughout the Philadelphia area.  Getting to and from the casino is simple with the Sugar Express.  The Sugar Express is a trolley service that runs throughout the Philadelphia area that transports players to and from the casino at regular interval throughout the day.  It makes getting to the casino easy since you need not drive in the city nor do you need to pay additional fees for parking.


If you are looking to spend some time trying your luck while in the City of Brotherly Love, the Sugarhouse Casino is the place to visit.  A great variety of games, great location and live entertainment will certainly make your visit enjoyable.

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